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About us

STIM is committed to retaining a professional position in wholesale business, providing a large number of services in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products, and serving as a promoter of health care for the population. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and increasing productivity of the processes, innovations in business operations and continuous improvement of service quality, preserving business continuity, systems of environmental protection and safety and health at work.

Our goals and priorities:

Reliable business associate to all our partners (manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, customers and clients), to provide quality logistical support, timely and continuous distribution of a wide range of drugs, medical devices, pharmaceutical substances, chemicals and biocides.


Medical devices

Medical devices have high quality, necessary registration in the domestic market and certificates of conformity, as consist the production program of renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers.


Medicines are registered on the domestic market, have decisions for market trade and certificates of analyses, are intended for state and private hospitals and clinics, and in particular are provided as an additional therapy in the conduct of clinical trials.

Pharmaceutical substances

Pharmaceutical substances include pharmaceuticals in the original package, harmonized according to European directives, which are used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, military, food and other industries.


Logistics for clinical trials

As a separate business sector since 2011, a complete logistic support service for conducting clinical trials in the Republic of Serbia is allocated. This includes the preparation and production of the necessary documentation, obtaining documentation from state institutions, trade - import, export, storage, distribution, acquisition of medicines, medical devices and other equipment on the domestic market. All of our processes are compliant with the law we regularly monitor, which enables us to provide quality advisory service.

Study medicines require special attention during transport, and often special conditions for keeping and maintaining temperature in line with the guidelines for GDP, GSP and GCP. We are able to deliver shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Consulting services

Consultancy services include project development, acquisition, processing and presentation of information received from state and private institutions, as well as intervention and market research.


We operate in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 for more than a decade. The entire system is verified by SIQ Slovenia. For these ISO standards, we have verified internal verifiers.

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